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Calories In Subway Salads

calories in subway salads

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  • The Salads are a punk rock band from Ontario, Canada, with strong reggae tendencies. They are currently signed to their own label, Maui Wowie Records, after having been signed to Kindling Music, a sub-division of Warner Music Canada.

  • Salad is any of a wide variety of dishes including: vegetable salads; salads of pasta, legumes, eggs, or grains; mixed salads incorporating meat, poultry, or seafood; and fruit salads. They include a mixture of cold and hot, often including raw vegetables or fruits.

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365 Days: Day 119 (Day 91)

365 Days: Day 119 (Day 91)

Just to see what would happen i went ahead and put on a small YTF shirt. So get a looksey at the first time Mike Fire has ever been able to squeeze into a small shirt. Notice how the tape skull is all distorted from the battle to be on my body. That's what hot chicks call daily life by the way....the battle to be on my body. Anyway, i am actually going to bed early tonight. I will hopefully be asleep by 10 for the first time in my life that i wasn't sick. My body refuses to let me sleep before 11 no matter how tired it is. Hopefully it will give in tonight because i am fucking spent. I have managed to stay off the scale for almost 2 weeks now. To be honest i dost think i have lost much more weight since then. I am working out so much i think i have most likely gained some muscle. Who knows though. As it stands though i only have 9 more days of the daily picture weight loss deal. Not to worry though to anybody who actually reads my daily hullabaloo. I will still be doing the 365 days thing and i will keep on writing about my shitty ass day on each picture. So merry early christmas to you guys. What can i say? My words are like gold to the people. So anyway, today i had two bars of course. For lunch i had a salad from subway. I went with Amie from work. It was pretty awesome. I dont think the people at subway think i'm very funny though. I always make the dumbest jokes just to be a smart ass and piss them off. They never laugh though. They just look at me like i'm an ass. I guess i am. For dinner though i had a nice lean meal. 210 calories of meatloafey goodness. That's about it though. Night night. I'm bumping some serious BSF right now. These are the best lyrics ever. So i leave you with them:

we wanna fuck but we end up kissing
is this still rock?
because the danger is missing
you gotta feed it
gotta feed your addiction
so pack a lunch for the next crucifixion
you wanna feel the applause?
You wanna win at all cost?
Well you better learn to play nice and eat shit like a dog!

Salad at Lunch

Salad at Lunch

I'm on spring break and having a ball--not working. My husband took off work today at noon so that we can go to the beach. It's raining "cats and dogs" now, but it will be cleared at the beach by the time we arrive. After my hair appointment, he invited me to lunch at the country club. This is course number 1--my salad plate.

calories in subway salads

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